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Any successful ERP implementation begins and ends with solid accounting software functionality.

Project Description

  • Performance

    System is designed to keep performance in mind. Whether it’s creating masters, billing invoices, generating reports, maintaining accounts or doing any simple task. We have tried to keep latency minimum and focussed on performance every time.

  • Simple UI

    One of the other things to consider in our software is the minimalistic and simple user interface. We have not overburden user with buttons everywhere and confusing user interface. Mouse is not required most of the time and billing is done without using any mouse. Shortcuts are given for performing task while runtime. Searches are made easier and all the activities are achieved using one single form for one single invoicing/billing/accounting or report.

  • Modern Programming techniques

    The system was created using all the latest programming techniques. The system is being designed using latest communication protocol, database & programming engine by highly qualified professional team. Tried and tested at many places, the system is stable and forsaken of critical bugs.

  • Multi User

    System is designed such a way that multiple user can access the system simultaneously and not to hamper the performance of the overall system. Our system is designed to handle multiple user without disturbing server at all.

  • Multi Company

    Multi companies can be handled using the single interface. They are maintained separately and no overlapping is done in any manner whatsoever. No or Negligible effect on performance on server on adding more companies.

  • Multi Stock Place

    As we support stock places multiple stock places could be maintained for stock keeping and shops for billing purpose.

  • Multi-Tasking

    In our system user can do multiple things at a time such as creating bills while generating inventory reports. Creating quotations and inserting vouchers and all such things in parallel without disturbing its current task on hand. All the state of other forms would be maintained and a user can do many numbers of task parallel.

  • Multi-Threading

    From multi-threading we mean is that while user is getting response from the server, he can do other tasks while server replies. The application is responding all the time while a data completes or in wait state.

  • Scalability

    System is completely scalable means we can further customize it to the requirement of the customer. We had developed many customized features which was required for particular business and are part of their process.

  • Accessibility

    All the data resides on server, and all the client systems will be connected to server. So the moment the data is inserted it is made available for the other to see.


We have update "Bizanalyze" ERP Database from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2014 version. Even faster performance merged with cloud capabilities of SQL Server 2014 makes our ERP software stand out amongst numerous ERP providers today.

Our ERP Solution "Bizanalyze" is now cloud ready. We have made it available on Microsoft Azure cloud services. Take advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud for improved performance at affordable cost.

Presents Bizanalyze with Microsoft Azure cloud

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